Bookmarks For All

Books; Good Friends, Good Books and a Sleepy conscience; this is the Ideal Life.

My today’s project is dedicated to all Avid book lovers and may be for those, who will start reading books after checking my different bookmarks.
Books are uniquely portable magic and my bookmarks are too. As we have different genres of books, I have picked different themes to grace different personalities.

My sparkle of unicorn is dedicated to those book lovers who believe in magic. Magic of love, magic of dreams and magic of this beautiful life.
The one who is enchanted with the world of books.

The second bookmark i.e The Lady with Curly Hairs is dedicated to Enchanters. As they say ‘imagination is more important than knowledge‘ but I think Books are those friends which gives Knowledge as well as wings to Imagination. I dedicate this to love and fantasy.

My Third Bookmark is all about Big Dreams and to find a way to Achieve those Dreams. “Don’t let someone else catch your dreams, you be the dream catcher“.
So I dedicate this Bookmark to those who believe in their Dreams and most importantly in Determination to Achieve those Dreams.

Don’t let someone else catch your dreams, you be the dream catcher

My fourth bookmark is catchy one, its for the person who loves pondering and diving in the world of books. As well as for those who enjoys adventures and undergo new challenges. The World of Books are also like the Sea, the more you go deep down , more are the chances to get lost in the beauty of books.

Deep Down The Sea

My next bookmark is especially for Coffee Lovers. I have a bunch of friends who can die for a cup of coffee and a good book.
Despite being a tea lover, i would love to dedicate this bookmark who says “let’s go lost in the world of books, coffee and rainy days.”

 “ Drink Coffee, read books, be happy.”

This bookmark is for my Night Owls. Book lovers never get to the bed alone. “Sleepless nights are for lovers, loners and book reader”.

loners say “Books were safer than other people anyway.” 

Last but not the least this bookmark is for my lovely friend Arkja, who is an avid book lover, she has been their with me in my thick and thins and till date is best critic of my work.

she reads books as one would breathe air,to fill up and live.”

you guys can make your own personlised bookmarks as per your personalities. I have used very basic techniques and little bit of my imagination to create these bookmarks. following techniques can be use to make your own bookmarks :

1.A sturdy base

2. Search good quotes or you can modify as per your need.

3. work on small illustrations or drawing that reflects your personality.

4. Choose nice color schemes .

5. you can add some glittery elements to enhance the beauty of your project.

Thank you so much guys, will be back soon with another cool project for you all.


Manpreet #sukoonkipotli