Sanitary Napkins Dispenser

Menstruation is still a social stigma. There is a strong need of space for girls where they feel comfortable about their periods, but luckily social media is playing an important role in creating awareness about this. Today, I have come with my latest handcrafted project i.e “The sanitary napkins dispenser” from my ‘Sukoon ki potli’ . Buying a sanitary pad is not anymore a inhibited thing so why we keep hiding our sanitary napkins in closets, bathrooms or any side drawers.

If we can buy a make-up organizer for ourselves, why cant we buy or design our own sanitary napkin dispenser.

with soft tones and tough feel
little bit of decoupage, little bit of shabby chic look, little bit artistry and lots of imagination

I have chosen soft background tones and gritty foregrounds to showcase soft as well as tough characteristic of every women.

Be a dreamer , believe in yourself and dream big

I have selected few stamps specifically focusing on our dreams and aspirations,

Go Girl!!! leave all the pain behind and focus on your dreams, be a Miss Sunshine

Material used:- Base is from TECS, chalkpaints and stone texture paste is from Itsy Bitsy, decoupage papers from TECS and yelling yellows

I hope you like it and please do not forget to drop your comments and suggestions below.

15 thoughts on “Sanitary Napkins Dispenser”

  1. Wow! Great innovative idea Manpreet. I always admire your creativity, enthu in all your works. This has been a great initiative…hope more. nmore people use this..all the best

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  2. Hey,
    Great job, with your art and handicraft work you are also tackling common life problems and trying to break the taboo- wise entrepreneur skills.
    Its looks so colourful just like our India.
    Keep it up.

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  3. I always admire your work and respect the artist in you , regarding sanitary napkin dispenser I really appreciate and support your thoughts , every women deserve best of her Health and hygien . Please spread more awareness for issues like these .


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